"The first Indian Company to win World Packaging Organisation's
'President Bronze Award' & World Star award for its innovative sustainable product Compostable VCI Film"

Safepack’s ‘Compostable Antirust VCI Film’ was selected for the World Star 2022 award from among 440 product submissions made for the ‘Product Innovation’ category, by an esteemed panel of judges representing 36 WPO (World Packaging Organization) country members.Along with the World Star award, the product got special appreciation from the WPO’s President Prof.Pierre Pienaar who felicitated it by giving the Bronze Award at the ceremony held at IPAK-IMA expo in Milan, Italy on 4th May 2022. This award was chosen from all product submissions of 500+ companies hailing from 30+ different countries!

Safepack’s MD & CEO Mr.Rajendra Tapadia shared gratitude toward the WPO’s President & committee on receiving the awards & for appreciating the efforts of Safepack towards sustainability. He said, ‘This recognition encourages us to develop more sustainable products for a better tomorrow.’

The benefits of sustainable packaging are becoming more and more apparent as the world faces ever-growing environmental concerns. As consumers become more conscientious about the products they buy and their overall ecological footprint, businesses are starting to see the importance of sustainable packaging in order to appeal to these consumers. Some of the key benefits of sustainable packaging include reducing waste, helping conserve resources, and reducing environmental impact.

Keeping this in mind our R&D team works relentlessly to innovate sustainable products which can replace the current packaging without tampering with the packaging’s properties. One such product which was recently developed was ‘Compostable VCI Film’.
It took the team more than a year to integrate the anti-corrosive properties of VCI with the Biopolymers and to maintain the right amount of protection for products packed in it. The film then had to be passed through rigorous third-party tests to maintain its compostability to get the right certifications for industrial applications.

Anti Rust VCI Film
Compostable VCI Film

Safepack Team constantly endeavors toward a more sustainable tomorrow with the motto – ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink & Redesign’ & will continue to innovate products that will impact the generations to come!