Corrosion – the deterioration of a metal or its properties – attacks every component at every stage in the life of every oil and gas field”, states an article titled Corrosion in the Oil Industry in Schlumberger. Studies have proved that oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, hydrogen sulphide lead to corrosion of pressure vessel, RIG components , Heat Exchanger, well casings, drilling equipment, pipelines and all other equipment and instruments used in the oil and gas industry.

"Corrosion Loss in Oil & Gas industry : The total annual cost of corrosion in the oil & gas industry is estimated to be S 1.4 billion."

Critical equipment in crude oil and refinery processing  need protection against electro-chemical corrosion; especially due to harsh environment, corrosive gases and water intrusions.

UPSTREAM Application (Exploration & Production)

Corrosion protection is mainly required for:

  • Operational and capital spares.
  • Operational and idle assets (critical equipments and spares, like pipelines, vessels, storage tanks, etc.)
  • Operations and maintenance for onshore and offshore assets.

MIDSTREAM Application (Transportation & Storage)

  • Preservation of Capital equipment and spares, critical pipes and tubes and storage vessels.
  • Idle Transportation vehicles and vessels.
  • Simplified Antirust VCI powder fogging methods for vessels and void spaces of encased pipes.
  • Tank bottom and internal preservation technology

DOWNSTREAM Application (Refining & Petrochemicals)

  • Offer Tangible benefits by enhancing corrosion protection to equipments and critical pipelines in oil refining and gas processing facilities
  • Safepack VCI’s usage Results in reducing down time to a great extent and increases the process efficiency/effectiveness extending the equipment life.
  • Safepack VCI’s function effectively even in presence of active corrosives like moisture and sulphur.

  • Safepack High Performing Antirust VCI offers tailor made, need based, preservation solutions for every application in Oil & Gas Industry.

Sr. Description Applications
1 Safepack VCI Cleaner Solvent based heavy duty surface cleaning liquid Removes dust, dirt, mild rust from surfaces and avoids flash corrosion. Achieves reduced millipore value. Does not need any heating hence making it economical.
2 Safepack VCI Rust Remover Water based/organo acid based rust remover Water based/organo acid based product that removes rust, stain, scale, etc. from the metal surface (ferrous/non-ferrous); where heating is not required. Washing with alkaline solution is recommended after removal of rust. For further rust prevention Safepack Rust Preventive Oils can be used based on the duration of protection required.
3 Safepack VCI Oil
Multi-metal flim forming oil, meant for long term protection upto 2year
Ideal for the protection of un-painted machined surfaces of critical spares and components under sheltered conditions. For long term preservation, these oil applied components must be kept under cocooning of packaging enclosure.
4 Safepack VCI Jelly Soft and thick film forming jelly for multi-metal Ideal for the protection of un-painted machined and un-machined vertical surfaces under sheltered/dust protected conditions. It is easily removable, making it a perfect protective product for offshore and onshore applications.
5 Safepack VCI Film UV stabilised film. Available in roll, sheet, zipped/sealed bags, shroud, etc Ideal for preservation of small and big sized precision components, operational and capital spares, production equipment, key assets, etc. for long term preservation and mothballing.
6 Safepack Anti-Static Film Available in 2D and zip lock pouch Ideal for short term and long term preservation of electrical and electronic precision components, PCBs, etc. from static charge and prevent dust accumulation.
7 Safepack VCI Coated Poly Kraft Papers High performing moisture barrier VCI paper Ideal for short term and medium term preservation of small sized precision components, bearings, nuts and bolts, threaded components, etc.
8 Safepack VCI Multi Wrap
Multi-layered woven fabric reinforced VCI
paper. Available in 3D Bags/hood and
bottom type/shroud form 
Ideal for long-term preservation of large/heavy parts and equipment, idle assets, bundle of pipes and boiler tubes, vessels, storage tanks and skids, operational and capital critical spares, production equipment , key assets and mothballing.
9 Safepack VCI Powder High Performing VCI powder and pouch for multi-metal protection Specially developed for fogging inside vessels, storage tank and critical pipes and other enclosures. Also used for preservation and conditioning of the enclosed atmosphere of large equipment.
10 Safepack VCI Tablet Compressed from high performing VCI powder Ideal for preservation of end capped boiler tubes and precision pipes for intetnal surfaces, which cannot be painted or coated. 
11 Safepack VCI Water borne additive
Compatible with DM water
Used as an additive for hydro testing of engines, valves, critical enclosures and equipment. Also used as an additive to water for internal preservation of idle boilers.
12 Safepack VCI Aerosol –
Solvent based liquid spray – MRO
eco-friendly and user-friendly
It is preferred due to it’s ease of application to protect hard to reach surfaces, minor maintenance works, etc. It is coupled with unique VCI ionic action for longer protection; especially of intricate critical spares and equipment. 
13 Safepack VCI Safeweave Tough recyclable muti-layered woven fabric, available in 3D bags, hood and bottom type and shroud form Ideal for long term preservation of large/heavy parts & equipment, idle assets, bundle of pipes and boiler tubes, vessels, storage tanks and skids, operational and capital critical spares, production equipment, key assets and mothballing.
14 Safepack VCI Desiccant Dual action sachet Special combination developed for moisture absorption along with VCI ionic action for perfect conditioning inside the enclosure.
15 Safepack VCI Emitters A compact self adhesive backed breathable enclosure with high performing VCI Highly recommended for long term protection inside control panels, equipment and gadgets, fuse boxes, marine navigation and communication equipment. It can be used during storage, transit and operations of equipment. The VCI ionic layer does not affect the electrical, optical and mechanical properties of equipment. It works well even in humid conditions and is unaffected by corrosion accelerating pollutants.
16 Safepack Fabric Gum Tape Available in 2″ roll form It is a specially designed high strength/ high tack adhesive tape, which is temperature resistant, water proof, pressure sensitive, for perfect sealing of shrouds and bags. It is a perfect offshore/onshore solution wherein heat sealing is difficult or not advisable.
17 Safepack VCI Stretch Film Highly stretchable LLDP based film. width and single colour printing available A perfect cling/stretch wrapping solution for multi-metal protection, impregnated with high performing VCI chemicals. It is ideal for irregular shaped components, larger sized equipment and critical idle spares
18 Safepack VCI Shrink Wrap High strength LD based film. Custom width and single colour printing available in tube, sheet, roll form A perfect shrink wrapping solution for multi-metal protection, impregnated with high performing VCI chemicals. It is ideal for irregular shaped components, larger sized equipment and critical idle spares.
19 Safepack VCI Foam Pad Flexible PU foam sheet, heavily loaded with high performing VCI chemicals Offers long-term multi-metal protection along with cushioning effect for sensitive electrical/electronic components and precision spares. Due to its flexibility, it can also be placed in the intricate areas.
20 Safepack VCI Foil Laminate Multilayered aluminum laminated barrier cover Used for long-term preservation and mothballing of precision components, idle assets, vessels, operational and capital critical spares, production equipment and key assets. 800% better protection than any LDPE covers. Can be vacuumized for enhanced protection. Superior barrier protection, with very low WVTR and OTR.
21 Safepack VCI Oil/Fuel Additive Without affecting the efficiency, it is used as an additive to engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, compressor oil and fuels like diesel, furnace oil, etc. It also enhances the corrosion protection of the parts which are not immersed in the oil, through unique VCI ionic action.

We have expertise in long term preservation and mothballing . Multiple projects executed ranging from turbine preservation , pressure vessels preservation to dredging vessel preservation.

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