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VCI Bubble Wrap
VCI Bubble Wrap
VCI Bubble Wrap
VCI Bubble Wrap

Safepack VCI Bubble Wrap is a double-layered film impregnated with high-tech VCIs to provide dual protection to delicate items from corrosion and to give it cushioning. VCI Bubble Wraps are extremely useful in storage and shipping of products.


  • Transparent material allows easy inspection of wrapped product
  • Does not affect electrical and optical materials
  • VCI Bubble wraps offer the added benefit of cushioning for packed material
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Bubbles absorb shock and protect the material from scratches, withstand high pressure and prevent other external harm
  • Lightweight material helps reduce shipping costs while giving added protection


Safepack VCI Bubble Wrap is made of flexible and transparent polyethylene resins infused with VCI properties, enabling it to be scratchproof, waterproof and light in weight. The air filled bubbles offer superior protection and burst strength, withstanding high pressure and abuse and have air retention properties, ensuring the bubbles stay inflated providing long-lasting performance.


  • Shipping and storage of automobile components
  • Shipping and storage of machined parts and components
  • Delicate electric equipment & electronic parts

Available in 100µ+ thickness.