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VCI Anti-Static Film

Safepack VCI Antistatic Film is a uniquely designed film that has the ability to prevent corrosion and damage due to ESD (electro static discharge).


  • Long lasting anti-static properties that offer surface resistivity of 10^10 – 10^12/square, ideal for most electronics packaging requirements
  • Translucent film allows easy inspection of packaged contents
  • Uniform gauge across the width to ensure durability of the film
  • Eco-friendly film that does not contain heavy metals and nitrites


VCI Antistatic film is impregnated with high-tech VCIs that are designed to prevent metal parts from corroding by offering protection from oxidation and keeping the parts dry. The film dissipates any static that may enter the packaging before it has a chance to damage the content within it, making it ideal for shipping and storage.


Shipping and storage of electronic and industrial metallic parts and machinery

Available in 100µ+ thickness.