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Safepack’s VCI Emitters are specially designed for protecting electrical & mechanical equipment against oxidation and corrosion without affecting any electrical, optical or mechanical function of the equipment.

  • High load of hi-tech VCIs with multi-metal protection for longer period
  • Protects during transit, storage and even operation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Does not affect electrical, optical and surface properties
  • Effective protection from H2S, SO2, ammonia & humidity
  • Eco-friendly

Safepack’s Anti-corrosion VCI Emitters come with an adhesive backed porous plastic dome, containing hi-tech Volatile Corrosion Inhibiting chemicals. These chemicals are laden with property of evaporating in surrounding enclosures, releasing vapours that deposit on contact points and metal surfaces to form a protective mono-molecular layer. This layer protects against all forms of oxidation and corroding agents like humidity, moisture, salt, etc.


VCI Emitter MDE is a boon to the electrical and electronic industry. It can be used on emitters, electromechanical control panels, marine, aerospace, military instruments, computer & telecommunications, scientific instruments, medical equipment & devices, conductive leads, connectors and terminals, fuse boxes, power boxes corrosion protection etc.