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Seed Germination Grade Crepe Paper

With the promulgation of Seed Act 1966, it has become compulsory for all seed producers to attach label to seed containers indicating quality of seeds. For certifications, it is essential to develop a seed germination test on suitable substrates, so that growth of the roots could be investigated within stipulated time without any adverse effect. The purpose of laboratory testing of seed germination is to assess seed quality or viability and to predict performance of the seed and seedling in the field.

Crepe Paper acts as soil media during this testings. Its structure is designed to hold large amount of water for longer durations. Material composition is such that it will not harm the delicate growing roots of seeds in any way during the testing period.


90 gsm germination grade kraft / 5-10 Creping %

  • We provide excellent quality crepe free from pinholes, foam spots, dirt & other impurities which may affect seed germination adversely.
  • We use only long fibred base kraft to have open / porous structure.
  • It has high water absorption potential that could retain large amount of water for longer durations.
  • Good wet strength.
  • Available with/without antibacterial properties.

As a soil media for testing of seeds in labs.

  • Basis Weight – Std. 100/ 150 Gsm
  • Sheet size – Std. 16” X 18” / Custom