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Electric Insulation Grade Crepe Paper


This specially designed insulating crepe paper is used as insulation in the manufacturing of oil-immersed transformers and current transformers of types IMB, CT, CVT, etc. for making leads and shields. Safepack Ltd is  leading manufacturer and suppliers of insulating grade crepe paper.

The power transformer, an important piece of power transmission equipment, is the core component of the power system. Its main component is insulation. It plays triple role of Dielectric Barrier, Mechanical Support, Heat Escape Route. The reliability of a power transformer is largely determined by its insulation condition.


3, 3.5, 4 Mill EI grade Kraft / 50 -200 Creping %

  • Base paper has 100% pure sulphate cellulose. Also shows neutral behaviors with low ash, chloride and sulphate contents. It has uniform formation & is 100% unbleached sulphate conifer wood pulp.
  • Safepack’s insulating crepe paper has 200% more strength in mechanical and cross mechanical directions and hence is more resistant to breakage.
  • Insulation crepe prepe paper has greater surface area which helps to retain more oil and hence lowers the working temperature of the transformer.
  • Compliance to IEC standard.
  • Can also be used as insulation in cables.

Electric insulation grade kraft crepe paper can be advantageously used as insulation media for oil transformers by achieving marginal economy. Its quality directly influences the lifespan of the transformer. Insulation grade kraft crepe paper is widely used as an insulation in the manufacturing of current transformers of types IMB, CT, CVT, etc.

  • Base Paper Thickness – Std. 3 Mil / Custom
  • Creping % – Std. 100 % / Custom
  • Width – Std. 50 mm / Custom