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Crepe paper is used as a reinforcing material in bookbinding application. It is used as reinforcement to spines of hardcover books.

Crepe Paper is glued to the spine of a book block after sewing to add strength & also to limit stretch of the thread. Its advantage is high strength guaranteed by the contraction of crepe paper after the glue dries. It also helps book block spine to maintain its curved shape & flexibility.

Creping facilitates strength to the spine in longer lifecycle of book where normal paper fails. Higher the creping stronger would be the spine of the book.

  • High strength base papers made from pure pulp are used to ensure excellent quality.
  • Crepe papers are free from pinholes, Black/foam spots, dirt & other impurities.
  • Uniform creping pattern.
  • Crepe paper is flexible enough to facilitate various preparations.
  • For Hardcover book binding applications
  • GSM : 70/75, 90/95 Gsm / custom
  • Width: Upto 2000mm/ small custom sizes
  • Color : Brown & White