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Color Tissue Crepe Paper

Decorations/ Entertainment preparations always demand for the material with beautiful bright colors, flexible for use & yet don’t load on pockets.

Colored crepe papers are economical solutions for such industry. During crepe paper manufacturing, the paper is impregnated through a tray containing colored solution.

  • Base papers used are of excellent quality.
  • Colored crepe papers are free from pinholes, Black/foam spots, dirt & other impurities.
  • Uniform creping pattern for pleasant look.
  • Carefully selected colors gives beautiful & bright appearance.
  • Crepe paper is flexible enough to facilitate various preparations.
  • We use only eco-friendly Color/dyes that does not harm environment.
  • For streamers and decorations/ Entertainment preparations.
  • GSM : 80 Gsm
  • Width: Upto 2000mm/ small custom sizes