3 Ply Al. Foil laminate

(PET/Al. Foil/PET)

3 Ply Alu. Foil laminate protects material from moisture, odor, oxygen, corrosion, UV, acids, alkalis from outside.

FSPE Laminate

(Al. Foil/ Scrim/PE)

FSPE laminate is used for making pressure sensitive self adhesive tapes for insulation industry. It is used as thermal insulation for the exterior of HVAC systems or other spaces or surfaces where temperature control is required.

FSK Laminate

(Al. Foil/ Scrim/Kraft)

FSK laminate can be wrap bonded to flexible duct insulation, rigid pipe sections or resin bonded slabs, used as a factory applied finish to rigid wall and roof insulation panels or other building boards

Alu. Foil PE laminate

(Alu. Foil/PE)

PE coated Aluminium foil is best suited for Air bubble insulations, thermal insulations and Foam insulations

3 Ply Laminate

(MET PET/ HDPE NW/Alu. Foil)

MET PET Based 3 ply laminate is mostly used as radiant barrier (blocks upto 97% of radiated heat) in applications like industrial sheds, home insulations, roof insulations, etc.

GC Cloth Laminate

(GC Cloth/PE)

Mainly used in the fields of fire prevention and thermal isolation, like removable thermal insulation jackets, fire curtains, welding blankets, fabric air dispersion/ventilation system, fabric expansion joint, etc.


  • Versatile, tear resistant, lightweight insulation facing
  • Good high and low temperature resistance
  • Scrim reinforced for extra strength & Puncture resistance.
  • Good water vapor resistance
  • Good ageing resistance both indoors and outdoors.
  • Aluminium backing provides good reflection of both heat and light.
  • Superior mechanical Properties


  • Facing Laminate can be used on XLPE, XPS, NBR PIR, Air Bubble film, Phenolic Foam, Etc.
  • Roofing applications like Flashing, Joints & Insulations
  • Ideal for Duct sealing both indoor & outdoor
  • Vapor Barrier and Radiation Barrier
  • Online Lamination of Glass wool and Rockwool
  • Cold chain thermal insulation