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Multi-layered, Aluminum foil laminated, high barrier, anti static Flexible packaging Material

Safepack metallised static shielding bags are designed to protect your sensitive electronic devices. These bags meet industrial & military standards.

An aluminum foil (barrier layer) is sandwiched between outer layer of static dissipative coating flexible polyester film & the inner sealant is a static dissipative polythene film. The outer layer provides puncture, abrasion and tear resistance while the inner sealant layer provides the true shielding for static sensitive devices by generation of static charges. The foil layer provides maximum barrier capacities against the transmission of water vapor and other gasses.

It is applied to vacuum packing systems for high sensitive semiconductor or elements, chemicals, gunpowder, apparatus.These bags can be manufactured keeping metal size in & metal side out as required

It gives outstanding surface resistivity of 1010 – 1012 Ω.

Detail Information

  • For products in need of electrostatic isolation property, by eliminating electrostatic from outer packaging.
  • Good tensile strength, excellent moisture, gas and light barrier properties.
  • Marvelous vacuum pouch for instrument and sample.
  • Multilayered structure provide excellent puncture & tear resistance.
  • LDPE layer provide good sealability.
  • IC circuit board LSI & flammable chemical articles requiring electrostatic & moisture resistance. outer packaging for IC circuit board
  • Semiconductor and electronic parts & accessories.
  • Computer hardware & delicate electronic components.