VCI Crepe Paper

Safepack Anti-corrosive VCI Crepe paper is a specially matured creped Kraft paper with long-lasting active VCI reserve that offers strong corrosion protection while also offering cushioning effect to the wrapped components. Safepack is leading VCI rust/corrosion protection crepe paper manufacturer and supplier in India with global approach. APPLICATION: Safepack VCI Crepe Papers can be used […]

VCI Reinforced Paper

Safepack Reinforced VCI Paper is a tough, durable and lightweight paper laminate that protects wrapped products against moisture, rust, and other environmental hazards. KEY FEATURES Provides excellent processing ability (die cutting, folding, printing etc.) on all conventional as well as high-speed envelope lines Customizable in various colours and special surfaces for specific customer requirements Water/ […]

VCI Poly Coated Paper

KEY FEATURES Specially designed VCI polycoated paper for use in overseas export shipping Maintains moisture levels within to ensure it does not affect the product performance Durable mechanical protection to achieve full cost optimization Available in single/multicolour printed options Controlled stiffness and a folding ability for easy wrapping CONSTRUCTION Safepack VCI Polycoated paper is a […]