VCI Masterbatch

Safepack VCI Masterbatch is a Nitrite-Free anti-corrosion masterbatch designed for both ferrous and most of the non-ferrous metals. The VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) additives in “SP-VCIMB-2001” are partly based on chemicals with enough energy (vapor pressure) to release the active anticorrosion molecules from the film and out in the environmental air to protect the metal […]

VCI Anti-Static Film

Safepack VCI Antistatic Film is a uniquely designed film that has the ability to prevent corrosion and damage due to ESD (electro static discharge). KEY FEATURES CONSTRUCTION VCI Antistatic film is impregnated with high-tech VCIs that are designed to prevent metal parts from corroding by offering protection from oxidation and keeping the parts dry. The […]

VCI Bubble Wrap

Safepack VCI Bubble Wrap is a double-layered film impregnated with high-tech VCIs to provide dual protection to delicate items from corrosion and to give it cushioning. VCI Bubble Wraps are extremely useful in storage and shipping of products. KEY FEATURES CONSTRUCTION Safepack VCI Bubble Wrap is made of flexible and transparent polyethylene resins infused with […]

VCI Stretch Film | Anti-corrosion Films and Wraps

Safepack VCI Stretch film and Cling film is a specially manufactured wrap film designed to be anti-corrosive and provide cushioning strength to packed parts. KEY FEATURES CONSTRUCTION Safepack VCI Stretch film is a specially designed wrap film that protects metal parts from all types of corrosion, direct contact, and vapour action. The stretch and cling […]

VCI Shrink Film | VCI Shrink Wrap

WHAT IS VCI SHRINK FILM OR WRAP VCI shrink film is heat shrinkable and heat sealable. This film is generally referred as shrink wrap. This product is designed to be an alternative to expensive multi-layer laminated flexible structures and eliminates the need for vacuum packaging and dehumidification.The shrink film fits more tightly around objects, reducing […]

VCI – Plastic Bags

Safepack VCI Plastic Bags are designed for packaging cargo goods and products to ensure long life and protection from corrosion.  KEY FEATURES Best in class protection against moisture, oxygen transmission, corrosion, physical damage, odour transfer Corrosion is kept at bay by maintaining humidity level below 40 RH. Overall cost reduction by way of reduced desiccant/preservatives, […]

VCI Films

Safepack VCI film is a specially designed packaging material that protects metal parts from corrosion including rust, tarnish, stains, whiterust, and oxidation. KEY FEATURES VCI vapours easily migrate to areas that are hard to reach like drilled holes, crevices etc. and give effective protection during storage and transit VCI film is heat sealable, allowing auto […]