VCI Oils (Anti-rust Oil)

Safepack’s Anti-Corrosion VCI Oil is a multipurpose rust preventive oil, dispersed with hi-tech VCI chemicals. It is the most viable option where VCI Paper, VCI Powder and VCI Tablets cannot be used. Safepack is a leading VCI rust preventive oil manufacturer and supplier in India and worldwide. KEY POINTS Ideal for protection of closed systems […]

VCI Spray

SAFEPACK VCI Aerosol spray is a specially developed multipurpose solution having hi-tech VCI chemicals (volatile corrosion inhibitors) dispersed in oil or solvent base. KEY POINTS Offers protection to a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals Mono-ionic VCI layer does not affect electrical /optical/mechanical surface properties  VCI Spray protect metals from vapor actions. It has […]