Crepe Paper For Bookbinding

Crepe paper is used as a reinforcing material in bookbinding application. It is used as reinforcement to spines of hardcover books. Crepe Paper is glued to the spine of a book block after sewing to add strength & also to limit stretch of the thread. Its advantage is high strength guaranteed by the contraction of […]

Triple Laminate With VCI Film

TRIPLE LAMINATE WITH VCI FILM (SAFEFOIL WITH VCI POLY) Safepack triple laminate with VCI film is a flexible, heat-sealable, high barrier & corrosion resistant laminate of Polyester, Aluminium foil & VCI polyethylene. STRUCTURE: Pet/ Al Foil/ VCI Poly FEATURES: It is a high stiffness special grade safefoil with VCI anti corrosion protection. It gives excellent […]

Triple Laminate With Antistatic Film

SAFEPACK METALLISED STATIC SHIELDING BAGS Multi-layered, Aluminum foil laminated, high barrier, anti static Flexible packaging Material Safepack metallised static shielding bags are designed to protect your sensitive electronic devices. These bags meet industrial & military standards. An aluminum foil (barrier layer) is sandwiched between outer layer of static dissipative coating flexible polyester film & the […]

Scrim Reinforced Aluminium Barrier Foil Laminate

Safepack Scrim Reinforced Aluminium Barrier Foil Laminate has exceptional strength, flexibility, heat-sealable properties and more. It is a water vapour resistant barrier foil laminate of Aluminum and Polyethylene reinforced with Polyester scrim. It is a packing material preferred for seaworthy exports. The material is zero atmosphere vacuum packed. FEATURES Performs by maintaining humidity level below […]

Triple Laminate With Black PE Film

Safepack triple laminate with black poly film is a flexible, heat-sealable, high barrier and light resistant laminate of Polyester, Aluminium foil & black polyethylene film. FEATURES: Black poly film provides excellent barrier to light. Black poly film also imparts antistatic properties to the laminate. It gives excellent protection against OTR, physical damage, odour transfer, UV […]

Aluminium Triple Laminate

If your cargo is precious to you then using traditional polythene film is doing more harm than you expect. It permits moisture, odor, oxygen, corrosion, UV radiation, acids, alkalis from outside & loses aroma & product-life. To help protect your product from any external harm, Safepack brings to you ….. Safefoil – Bringing glitter to […]