Aluminium Foil Based Laminates

3 Ply Al. Foil laminate (PET/Al. Foil/PET) 3 Ply Alu. Foil laminate protects material from moisture, odor, oxygen, corrosion, UV, acids, alkalis from outside. FSPE Laminate (Al. Foil/ Scrim/PE) FSPE laminate is used for making pressure sensitive self adhesive tapes for insulation industry. It is used as thermal insulation for the exterior of HVAC systems […]

PE | Poly Coated Papers | Laminated Papers

Safepack offers wide range of customized poly coated paper, following are some superior advantages while choosing safepacks polycoated paper. Poly consistency on a paper. No gauge variation. Assured desired protection. Easy foldability. Lower wastage Less Operational cost Food grade in nature for FMCG and Industrial application. We offer PE Coated/laminated Papers and Paper Boards, PE film […]

Special Grades Of Crepe Paper

Crepe paper is a popular packaging solution due its increased strength, cushioning properties and affordable cost. CONSTRUCTION Crepe paper has troughs and crests in its structure that gives it a cushioning effect. It also gives high mechanical strength. The crepe paper conforms well around curved surfaces so it does not tear due to high stress […]

Electrical Grade Insulating Crepe Paper

INDUSTRIAL CREPE PAPER This specially designed insulating crepe paper is used as insulation in the manufacturing of oil-immersed transformers and current transformers of types IMB, CT, CVT, etc. for making leads and shields. Safepack Ltd is  leading manufacturer and suppliers of insulating grade crepe paper. The power transformer, an important piece of power transmission equipment, is […]

Seed Germination Grade Crepe Paper

With the promulgation of Seed Act 1966, it has become compulsory for all seed producers to attach label to seed containers indicating quality of seeds. For certifications, it is essential to develop a seed germination test on suitable substrates, so that growth of the roots could be investigated within stipulated time without any adverse effect. […]

Color Crepe Paper

Decorations/ Entertainment preparations always demand for the material with beautiful bright colors, flexible for use & yet don’t load on pockets. Colored crepe papers are economical solutions for such industry. During crepe paper manufacturing, the paper is impregnated through a tray containing colored solution. FEATURES: Base papers used are of excellent quality. Colored crepe papers […]