Reinforced Envelops Laminate

SAFEPACK ENVELOPE LAMINATE Every day, envelopes provide a highly effective and useful way to send important information and items to others, whether from home or from work. With the exceptional durability & elegancy, envelopes made from Safe-envelop wrapper can help to increase the effectiveness of important mailings & assurance that the contents and your message […]

Multiwall Sack Liner

Hygroscopic & hazardous nature of powdered chemicals & drug formulations often leads to lump formation & deterioration of properties in case of failure of packaging system during transit. Considering the hygroscopic nature of chemicals, laminate is designed in such a way that it imparts excellent moisture barrier to multiwall sacks. Alu barrier foil is used […]

Monocarton Laminate

BARRIER LINER BOARD FOR MONOCARTONS Corrugated board and solid board industries face a specific challenge during developing the appropriate packaging for packing metal products since the packaging material used should provide protection against moisture, grease, oil and other external influences. Excellent printing properties is often an important factor during designing the box apart from special […]

Fibre Drum Liner

Sandwich laminated board for Fiberboard Drum Fiberboard drums & octabins are popular alternative to metal/ plastic drums. Fiberboard drums are lightweight, elegant & high in strength. These robust packs, provides optimal protection to various chemical, pharmaceutical and food products. These properties make it popular every other day. We at Safepack, offers Al foil sandwich laminated […]

Corrugation Liners

About 40 percent of products are being damaged or lost due to poor packaging in India. When any corrugated board is exposed to humidity, the moisture can easily penetrate and migrate into the individual paper substrates of the corrugated board sheet. Moisture migration into the liner and fluting substrates of a box construction can cause […]