Silicone Coated Release Liner Paper

The extensive range of release liners has been developed to meet the versatile needs of various release liner applications. Safepack offers release liner solutions based on a wide variety of paper and film substrates. We offer 1850 mm width seamless release liners which is first time in India. Solvent base/Solvent less silicone compound coating and […]

Scrim Reinforced Films

Scrim reinforced films are being widely used as base substrate for manufacturing high strength adhesive tapes. These are 3 layered laminates composed of polyfilm, scrim & polyfilm. Reinforcement done using bi / tri directional scrims. Generally pigmented LDPE films are scrim laminated using thin layer of LDPE resin but can made available in transparent option. […]

Aluminium Foil Scrim Kraft Laminate | FSK Facing | High Vapor Barrier

FSK stock is 3 layered laminate of Al foil, Scrim & kraft paper bonded together using adhesive or polymer. Reinforcement is done using bi / tri directional scrims. FSK laminate can be bonded to flexible duct wrap insulation, rigid pipe sections or resin bonded slabs, used as a factory applied finish to rigid wall and […]