Scrim Reinforced Films

Scrim-reinforced films are being widely used as a base substrate for manufacturing high-strength adhesive tapes. These are 3 layered laminates composed of poly film, scrim & poly film. Reinforcement did use bi/tri-directional scrims. Generally, pigmented LDPE films are scrim laminated using a thin layer of LDPE resin but can make available in a transparent option. […]

Aluminium Foil Scrim Kraft Laminate | FSK Facing | High Vapor Barrier

Products HVAC & Ducting Insulation facing laminates: FSPE ( Alu Foil – Fiberglass scrim – Polyethylene) FSK ( Alu Foil- Fiberglass scrim- Kraft) 3 Layer/ Ply insulation facing laminates PET- Alu foil – Polyethylene PET- Alu foil – CPP Alu foil- Fiberglass scrim-CPP Alu foil – Fiberglass scrim-METPET/METBOPP Major Applications– XLC Foam Facing, NBR,PUR etc […]