Reel Side Disc

Packaging of paper reels would be incomplete without Reel Side/ End Disc. It is most important element for paper reel packing which ensures products safety throughout its life cycle. Even negligible damage to edge / sides could landed into marginal wastage since this creates issues in further processes like printing, coating or laminating. Universally during […]

Reel Wrapper

Paper Mills demands for International quality packaging material that ensures protection of paper reels at every stage of shipping & storage. Especially in high alarming conditions like sea transports where the atmospheric conditions are very humid & reels gets damaged due to absorption of moisture by paper reels. Paper mills are now carefully selecting wrappers […]

Ream Wrapper

Paper Mills in the developing economies demands for International quality packaging materials for their increasingly sold copy papers in variety of sizes. In today’s market, the appeal of products and branding are of very much concern than ever. Quite many proactive mills are shifting from the traditional low strength bulky wrapper to smart, brand enhancing […]