Veterinary Products

Veterinary product packaging includes packaging of various medical & pharmaceutical drug formulations. These ingredients need very careful protection during storage & transit. Any pack leakage & contamination can spoil ingredients & harm not only animals but also the person who consumes the animal & its products. In order to maintain the Hygiene & safety of […]

Medical Grade Grid Lacquer Coated Paper

Safepack provides tailor-made solutions for packaging disposable single-use sterile medical devices/products which are being used in hospitals as well as polycoated OLB paper-based blister back material for tablet packaging in the pharma sector. For the product “MediSafe”, base virgin Medical grade kraft/ OLB paper is coated with thin/thick layer of food-grade polyethylene polymer compound which […]

Polycoated Nonwovens

A Nonwoven fabric is a material that is made from long fibers, bonded together mechanically, chemically or thermally. Nonwovens are engineered to be strong, durable and at the same time lightweight which are intended for single use applications that can replaces traditional cloth like materials. Polycoated Nonwovens are preferred choice for medical hygine industry especially […]


Nutraceuticals, derived from the combination of Nutrition & pharmaceutical. Usually special-dietary supplements are considered to be Nutraceuticals. This health enhancing food needs special care during storage & transport. Any pack leakage & contamination can compromise nutritional value of the packed ingredients & spoil the health of user if consumed contaminated. In order to maintain Potency, […]

Casting Bandages

Synthetic Casting Bandage are being used for for making light weight casts for immobilization after fractures and other orthopaedic corrections. It is made of flexible Fiberglass/ Polyester tape impregnated with water activated Polyurethane resin. This bandage material needs extreme protection during storage & transit. Any pack leakage & contamination can start resin activation process & […]

Bulk Drugs & API

A bulk drug — also called active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is a chemical molecule in a pharmaceutical product that lends the product the claimed therapeutic effect. These ingredients needs extremly careful protection during storage & transit. Any pack leakage & contamination can spoil ingredients & not only affect potency of medicine but also endanger health […]

Antiseptic Gauze Dressing

Gauze has been used as a wound dressing for years and continues to be the most readily available wound dressing in use today. The cotton gauze is saturated using Chlorhexidine acetate in paraffin makes it antiseptic. This type of dressing is used as the wound contact layer. This primary dressing material needs extreme protection during […]

Alcohol Swab Laminate

Alcohol swabs are used to clean the injection site before injection. These swabs are saturated with alcohol with 70% Isopropyl alcohol & are meant for single use only. Design of packaging material for Alcohol swabs is very critical since migration of liquid contents always compromise the bond/ seal strength, Hygiene & safety of the package. […]