Lidding Laminate

PEELABLE LID STOCK. Peelability is defined as the ability to separate two materials in the course of opening a package without compromising the integrity of either of the two. The force required to pull a seal apart is called its seal strength & it is controlled by the composition of the sealant layer. Designing & […]

Cheese Packaging

CHEESE WRAPPER Cheese is a delicately flavoured product, with high-fat content and moisture content. Cheese needs to be protected against moisture loss and ingress of oxygen in order to maintain the desired quality characteristics. The packaging material should protect cheese against physical, chemical, or microbial contamination. Mold growth is also a prime concern. Since mold […]

Butter Wrapping Paper

BUTTER WRAPPER Butter is a volatile dairy product that solidifies in cool temperatures, separates at room temperature, and liquefies in higher temperatures. Due to high moisture content, Butter, unlike solid fats is susceptible to mold growth. Flavour and odor are easily affected by absorption from other materials or through spoilage of butter due to rancidity. […]