Polycoated Cupstock Paper & Board

PE COATED PAPER/BOARD (CUPSTOCK) FORMABLE POLYCOATED CUPSTOCK BOARD “SafeCupstock” is a Polycoated Cupstock board (Bleached/ Unbleached) providing a tailor-made solutions for Disposable hot & cold drinking cups, dry food trays, and dairy products. For food service purposes, the major coating option is PE which could be coated on one or both sides of the board.(1 side […]

Ice Cream Packaging

POLYCOATED CONSUMER BOARD Varieties of polycoated packaging materials are being used for the packaging of food, confectionary, pharmaceutical industries and other consumer industry. Safepack being specialized in paper & board based flexible packaging materials, offers vast range of poly coated consumer boards. We provide the folding carton industry with ideal materials for the packaging of […]

Composite Cans | Composite Can Laminates | Raw Material To Make Composite Cans

CANNISTER LINER Growing snack food industry demand the packaging materials to be more & more reliable to ensure product freshness till end of its lifecycle. Canister can is a cylindrical container usually of laminated board used for holding a dry product such as Chips, Crackers & other dry snack items. During manufacturing several layers of […]

Biopolymer | Biodegradable | Pla Coated Paper & Board

Worldstar Packaging Award Winning Product With the emphasis on delivering sustainable products, Safepack has developed a new innovative product range, “Safecompost” – A truly compostable/fully biodegradable material which comprises of a biopolymeric material coated onto paper/paperboard. Safecompost biodegrades within a few years, leaving no harmful residues in environment. Biopolymers used in Safecompost coating materials are […]