Water Activated/ Remoistenable Adhesive Coated Paper

Water activated/ Remoistunable Adhesive Coated Paper has high tack, water-activated, modified adhesive system on a paper backing. Remoistunable adhesive coated papers are commonly utilized where it is desired to provide a dry adhesive film which on moistened with water will become tacky and thereby allow for the ready adhesions of the coated product to variety […]

Silicone Coated Release Liner Paper

The extensive range of release liners has been developed to meet the versatile needs of various release liner applications. Safepack offers release liner solutions based on a wide variety of paper and film substrates. We offer 1850 mm width seamless release liners which is first time in India. Solvent base/Solvent less silicone compound coating and […]

Moisture Oil & Grease Resistance Kraft

Safepack Ind. Ltd. specializes in various special/custom coatings on versatile substrates (Paper/ film/ foil). Safepack special barrier chemical coated kraft liners are designed to give Water & Grease resistance with low odor & low MVTR properties to use in various food & non food packagings applications. FEATURES: In many applications, these coated kraft liners can […]

Masking Adhesive Coated Film

Masking film is pressure sensitive adhesive backed film. Mainly used in painting industry to mask of the areas that are not suppose to be painted The adhesive is the key element to its usefulness, as it allows the tape to be easily removed without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. […]

Cold Seal Paper

Cold seal/ cohesive kraft paper is an ideal solution for industrial packing house for efficient and safe packaging of spare parts in automobile or furniture industry. It is special adhesive coated kraft papers that sticks to itself & shows no tack with other substrates. Cold-sealing papers are designed to seal instantly by pressure without any […]

Antiskid Paper

Any unwanted movement of stored goods during transportation & transit can compromise not only safety but can incurre heavy losses. Antiskid paper is a stabilization solution that prevents this unwanted movement by unitizing loads. Its special cohesiveness prevents slippage of palletized loads upto 30° slide angle. FEATURES: Its higher coefficient of friction offers 30° slide […]

Antimould Treated Stiffener

POLYCOATED AND/OR ANTIMOLD TREATED STIFFENER BOARD Safepack offers Stiffener Board as an Inner Liner of Soap Wrapper that effectively addresses problem of loss of moisture & fungal infection to bath soap packed. Our ARSR grade stiffener boards have improved strength in MD direction that can be effectively wrapped around the lateral side of bath soap […]