Corrugated board and solid board industries face a specific challenge during developing the appropriate packaging for packing metal products since the packaging material used should provide protection against moisture, grease, oil and other external influences. Excellent printing properties is often an important factor during designing the box apart from special attention on critical physical properties like stiffness, burst and compression strength in moist conditions.

Safe-Barrier Liner is a unique laminate of duplex board sandwich laminated with kraft liner for heavy duty cartons. Each layer plays a unique role as mentioned below:

Duplex board – Provides excellent base for printing applications

High strength Kraft liner – Improves the compression, stacking strength and increases stiffness and dimensional stability of carton.

Special polymer layer – Provides effective protection against moisture, grease & oil.

Cartons formed using this is an ideal solution for packaging of special metal parts/ spare parts of automobile industry for safe storage & transport.


Duplex board/ Polymer/ Kraftliner

  • Excellent dimensional stability and protection
  • Dual packaging benefits, moisture, oil & grease barrier externally and special custom coatings like anticorrosive/ water repellent internally as per requirement
  • Much better burst, compression and tear strength
  • Excellent processability on all conventional as well as high speed cartoning / packaging lines
  • Cost effective and economical packaging solution
  • Environment friendly & recyclable

Monocartons manufactured using this laminate can be used for:

  • Packaging of metal components like bearings & automotive spare parts
  • Packaging of welding electrodes, electronic items & electrical boards
  • Grammage – Std. 400 & 500gsm / custom up to 500gsm max
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form 900 mm – 1850 mm
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirement
    • Sheet form – As per the requirement
    • Max Cutting Width 1400mmMax Cutting Length 1200mm