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About 40 percent of products are being damaged or lost due to poor packaging in India. When any corrugated board is exposed to humidity, the moisture can easily penetrate and migrate into the individual paper substrates of the corrugated board sheet. Moisture migration into the liner and fluting substrates of a box construction can cause a reduction in total strength of the box.

Safepack Industries offers a range of barrier liner materials that improves the properties & thereby performance of corrugated board boxes. Our barrier materials prevent moisture migration & improves compression and stacking strength and also increases stiffness and dimensional stability of the boxes.

These liners can be used as an outer or inner layer of corrugated board boxes or both. It suits all types of fluting profiles, as well as different types of corrugated board: single wall, double wall and triple wall. The products protect the content of boxes from humidity, grease and mechanical stress. They offer protection for the box itself, against moisture migration from the packed goods when the contents are moist, wet & greasy

  • Kraft/ PE/ Kraft
  • PET/ PE/ Kraft
  • Kraft / Special chemical coating
  • Excellent barrier properties that prevent moisture migration & prevent collapsing of box.
  • Liner improves compression and stacking strength of the boxes.
  • These liners due to its high strength increases stiffness of the walls.
  • It also offers dimensional stability to the boxes.
  • Boxes made from these liners are durable.
  • Liners for making an outer or inner layer of corrugated board boxes
  • Basis Weight – Gsm/ Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form mm – mm