HVAC & Ducting Insulation facing laminates:

  • PET- Alu foil – Polyethylene
  • PET- Alu foil – CPP
  • Alu foil- Fiberglass scrim-CPP

Major Applications– XLC Foam Facing, NBR,PUR etc

Online laminations of Glasswool & Rockwool

Roofing/Building Insulation facing laminate:

  • F-PE (Alu Foil – Polyethylene)​
  • MET-PET- PE (Metalized-Polyester- Polyethylene) ​
  • METBOPP –PE ( Metllized- Biaxially oriented polypropylene)​

Major applications – Foam facing laminate – LDPE/EPE/PU

Industrial facing & Pipe facing insulation:

Industry served


  • Facing Laminate can be used on XLPE, XPS, NBR PIR, Air Bubble film, Phenolic Foam, Etc.
  • For roofing applications like Flashing, Joints & Insulations.
  • Heat Insulation/Thermal Insulation that is made from Aluminum foil and Metalized Film/BOPP Film for under deck or roof insulation.
  • With any Thermal Reflective Insulation materials for insulation industry.
  • To block radiant heat coming into house through the roof during the summer and retain indoor heat generated during the winter.
  • Ideal for Duct sealing both indoor & outdoor.
  • For Vapor Barrier and Radiation Barrier application.
  • For Online Lamination of Glass wool and Rockwool.
  • For Cold chain thermal insulation.


Thermal Barrier


Vapour Barrier


Radiation Barrier


Flame Retardant


  • Superior mechanical properties like Tensile & Tear resistance.
  • Scrim reinforced for extra Strength & Puncture resistance.
  • Versatile and lightweight facers.
  • Good Longevity.
  • Extrusion lamination Line with online Scrim Reinforcement – upto 1500mm width.
  • Custom logo/brand printing feasible.
  • Customization and product development possible.