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Safepack Peelable Kraft is an innovative product comprising of kraft paper and a very thin peelable polyethylene film specially developed for continuous slab stock production of Ether/Ester & other flexible polyurethane foam. This innovative product is manufactured by controlled adhesion of Kraft paper with thin film of LDPE.

Kraft liner act as carrier of thin LDPE film & smoothly transfer the same on extruded/ heated foam stock where due to heat this film adheres to foam stock forming complete enclosure of slabstock.

  • Kraft Paper/ Peelable PE
  • During operation the film from peelable kraft gets transferred to foam stock, leaving bare paper aside. This paper can be rewound & reused separately therein 100% recovery of paper is possible.
  • Special polymer formulations that strongly adhere to foam stock on getting transferred from kraft liner.
  • Foam can be covered from top, bottom & from all other sides as well.
  • The film covers all the surfaces of foam, thus avoids direct contact of Isocyanate vapours to humans.
  • It protects foam from aging & improves shelf life.
  • Film acts as barrier to moisture thus improves & maintain the hardness values of foam retaining shape of foam while storage will be easier.
  • Smooth & cleanly operations are possible on manufacturing floor. Machine conveyer & other machine parts get protected from sticky foam during manufacturing.
  • It helps in achieving better foam qualities in combination with lower waste resulting in important cost savings.
  • As a process liner in the slabstock production.
  • Grammage – Std. 85 gsm / Custom
  • Width – Jumbo reel form 900 mm – 1850 mm