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Packaging of paper reels would be incomplete without Reel Side/ End Disc. It is most important element for paper reel packing which ensures products safety throughout its life cycle.

Even negligible damage to edge / sides could landed into marginal wastage since this creates issues in further processes like printing, coating or laminating. Universally during storage & transport of reels, vertical stacking method is been followed up for years & at this stage only major loss occurs.

Safepack’s polycoated reel end disc effectively address the problem & offers mechanical protection, moisture protection & protection dirt and other hygiene hazards.


Kraft Board (Virgin/ Recycled) / PE

  • Outer end disc coated with special polymer layer to ensure perfect heat sealing.
  • This polymer layer offers moisture barrier which maintains the right level of moisture inside since too less, too much or uneven moisture will affect the product performance.
  • Excellent protection of reel ends against mechanical damage during storage & transport.
  • Ensures tight wrapping of reel wrapper.
  • High protection against internal handling & external transport damage.
  • Durable mechanical protection to achieve full cost optimization.
  • Controlled stiffness & foldability for easy wrapping.
  • Reel Side Disc as heat sealable outer reel end discs.
  • Basis Weight – Std. 220 Gsm / Custom
  • Disc diameter – 600 – 1500 mm