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Paper Mills in the developing economies demands for International quality packaging materials for their increasingly sold copy papers in variety of sizes. In today’s market, the appeal of products and branding are of very much concern than ever.

Quite many proactive mills are shifting from the traditional low strength bulky wrapper to smart, brand enhancing polycoated/ sandwich laminated high strength thin wrappers.

SafeWrapper offers excellent wrapping quality at the right price with an optimal moisture barrier & maximum mechanical protection thus adds value to the product packed by extending its service life and application potential. It also protects the package against dirt and other hygiene hazards.

  • Virgin/ recycled Bleached Kraft Paper / PE
  • Virgin/ recycled UnBleached Kraft Paper / PE
  • The poly surface offers optimal protection against dirt & other hygiene hazards.
  • Durable mechanical protection to achieve full cost optimization.
  • Good runnability on modern automatic high speed machine improving output & profitability
  • Safepack ream wrappers are also available with single / multicolor printing facilities which promotes the brand name and underlines market presence.
  • High protection against internal handling & external transport damage.
  • Controlled stiffness & foldability for easy wrapping.
  • Tailor-made ream wrapping solutions for paper industry.
  • Packaging of cut size/sheets form copier paper, paper board & other grade papers.
  • Basis Weight – Std. 85 Gsm / Custom
  • Width – 250 mm – 1850 mm