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In imaging industry various graphic art consumables are often coated with light sensitive chemicals. Even minute contact with the light could damage the offset plate & cause rejection.

For packing of such critical materials, the packaging material needs to possess good physical strength, light-screening properties, moisture barrier characteristics, and heat sealability.

Safepack Black Polycoated kraft paper addresses effectively these packaging needs. Careful selection of base kraft coated with black polymer resins act as photofilter by forming high density black matrix that shields the light and exhibits a low reflectance.

  • Kraft paper/ Black PE
  • Base kraft used is of high strength, having dust & pin-hole free surface that offers cleanliness during packing.
  • We use special polymer resin that accommodates more carbon black MBs thus requiring only a thin film to achieve the desired light-screening effect. It also exhibits antistatic properties.
  • Coated polymer also offers gas barrier, moistureproofness.
  • Usually plates are kept on black polycoated surface & then can be heat sealed so as to form complete enclosure.
  • Polymer layer offers smooth & dustfree contact-surface to plates therein protecting it from any kind of damage during transit.
  • It has higher physical strength such as breaking strength, tear strength, impact puncture strength.
  • Laminate has resistance to curling
  • For expensive plates, Al foil lamination along black polykraft system is used.

Packing of graphical art consumables like,

  • Offset plates
  • Offset printing blankets
  • Letterpress plates
  • Other digital print media
  • Grammage – Std.120 gsm / Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form 900 mm – 1850 mm
    • Sheet form – As per the requirement
      • Max Cutting Width 1400mm
      • Max Cutting Length 1200mm