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A bulk drug — also called active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is a chemical molecule in a pharmaceutical product that lends the product the claimed therapeutic effect. These ingredients needs extremly careful protection during storage & transit. Any pack leakage & contamination can spoil ingredients & not only affect potency of medicine but also endanger health of human who consume the product made from such content.

In order to maintain Hygiene & safety of the package, the laminate made using Alu foil & Special polymers. Alu barrier foil protects the product from all adverse external influences that may affect its quality and potency, such as light, moisture, oxygen, biological contamination, mechanical damage and counterfeiting/ adulteration. Use of special polymer layer takes care of contents & prevents any migration thru & from the system. Also offers good bond strength against action of aggressive ingredients.


Paper/ PE/ Alu foil/ PE

  • Excellent barrier against oxygen, moisture, water that otherwise may cause lumping & even deterioration of powered contents.
  • Provides barrier to light that may otherwise cause discoloration of content.
  • High strength laminate offers complete package safety throughout the lifecycle.
  • During manufacturing no solvents & chemicals are used therefore no occurrence of solvent odor.
  • Special polymers facilitates excellent sealing through powder traces. Thereby effectively addresses problem of seal failure. Excellent seal strength that prevents contamination due to leakage.
  • Laminate is hygienically processed & durable.

As a Bag and drum liner in packing of Bulk drugs.

  • Basis Weight – Gsm/ Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form mm – mm