Gauze has been used as a wound dressing for years and continues to be the most readily available wound dressing in use today. The cotton gauze is saturated using Chlorhexidine acetate in paraffin makes it antiseptic. This type of dressing is used as the wound contact layer.

This primary dressing material needs extreme protection during storage & transit since any contamination can cause infections to the wound. Apart from this migration of liquid contents always compromise the bond/ seal strength, Hygiene & safety of the package.

The laminate made from Alu foil, Paper & Special polymer offer complete protection throughout products lifecycle. Alu foil imparts excellent barrier properties & inner specially designed polymer layer takes care of contents & prevents any migration thru & from the system.


Paper/ PE/ Alu foil/ PE

  • Excellent barrier against moisture, water, light, & aromas.
  • High strength laminate offers complete package safety throughout the lifecycle.
  • Special polymer layer that prevents migration of packaged contents & thus prevents delamination.
  • Laminate offers excellent seal that prevents contamination due to leakage
  • It also offers sealing thru liquid contamination.
  • Laminate is hygienically processed & durable.

Packing of Antiseptic Gauze Dressing

  • Basis Weight – 160 Gsm / Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form mm – mm