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Fish Meat & Poultry Packaging

Consumers seek attractive & informative packaging materials for fresh & processed meat & poultry. However since such packaging materials/ wraps are into direct contact of food, wraps are considered as an indirect additives. This is because chemicals in packaging can migrate into food. This migration of ink, odor & other processing additives may contaminate food items. Adequate packaging can prevent such secondary contamination of meat and meat products.

Alu foil laminated wrappers are excellent choice due to its moisture barrier, grease & stain resistant properties. Laminate has special polymer layer that act as sealing layer so that it can be use as a wrapper or as a pouch after sealing it. Generally laminate is used as a wrapper for ready to serve items & pouches are used for storing fresh/ frozen items.

Laminate prevents any migration thru & from the system. It also protects the product from all adverse external influences that may affect its freshness, such as light, moisture, oxygen, biological contamination, mechanical damage and counterfeiting/ adulteration. Use of our laminate is not only important for fresh/ frozen but also when such items are fried/ grilled/ roasted & coated by salts, spices which are considered as aggressive ingredients.


Paper/ PE/ Alu foil / PE

  • Excellent dead fold characteristics makes it perfect choice to wrap over.
  • Excellent barrier properties that prevents migration & keep product fresh for comparatively longer time.
  • It has good puncture resistance to avoid any leakage
  • Laminate also offers seal thru contamination/ liquids.
  • No transfer odour when kept in fridge/ freezer
  • It also makes storage of unused portions convenient and easy.
  • Laminate is hygienically processed & durable.

Fish, Meat & Poultry Packaging Wrapper

  • Basis Weight – Gsm/ Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form mm – mm