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Lidding Laminate

Peelability is defined as the ability to separate two materials in the course of opening a package without compromising the integrity of either of the two. The force required to pull a seal apart is called its seal strength & it is controlled by the composition of the sealant layer.

Designing & manufacturing of Paper based peelable material is a multistep process & involves careful & numerous considerations to successfully engineer the final packaging material with all the required properties.

Safepack has specially developed a multilayered peelable lidstock laminate which comprises of Al foil, polymers and paper. It exhibits broad sealing temperature window which ensures consistency of peel strength even when there are temperature fluctuations at the sealing bar.

  • Chromo Paper/ PE/ Al Foil/ PE
  • Easy access to the product by simply peeling away the lid.
  • It has good mechanical properties, aroma, water vapour and gas barrier.
  • Excellent printability, suitable to be used in all the most common printing methods (flexo, rotogravure, offset)
  • Allows smooth opening and at the same time ensure tight closure of the packaging during storage, distribution and display.
  • Reduced Spoilage/Waste: Due to the increased burst strength of lidding laminate, there is less waste of the product throughout the distribution channel.
  • Optimized runability on packaging lines
  • Safepack peelable lid stock can be used on PET, PP, PS, PVC and PE rigid containers, cups or trays.
  • Safepack lids are compatible for use with a range of packaging applications including containers for cream, yogurt and ice cream, beverages, snacks, butter and margarine.
  • Grammage – 150 gsm / Custom
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form 900 mm – 1200 mm
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirement