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Varieties of polycoated packaging materials are being used for the packaging of food, confectionary, pharmaceutical industries and other consumer industry. Safepack being specialized in paper & board based flexible packaging materials, offers vast range of poly coated consumer boards.

We provide the folding carton industry with ideal materials for the packaging of moist or greasy foodstuffs, whether they are fresh, dried, chilled or frozen.

Very thin LDPE coating could be done on duplex board which could be supplied either in roll/ sheet form to convert it further into folding carton after printing to use for packaging of Ice cream/ pizza/ cakes etc.

Each application requires a board type selected according to strength, hygiene, appearance, cost and availability. To meet these requirements Safepack has formed strategic alliances with a number of leading base board producers.

The principal board types used are as following:

  • Greyboard or Duplex Board or Unlined Chipboard (ULC)
  • Whitelined Chipboard ( WLC or GD)
  • Folding Boxboard (FBB or GC)
  • Coated Natural Kraft (CNK)
  • Solid Bleached Sulphate (SBS)

Polymer Types Used are as following

Clear or Pigmented Polyethylene: For moisture barrier, chilled or frozen foods and for heat sealability.

Clear or Pigmented Polypropylene: For grease resistance and higher temperature resistance.

Clear and Metallised Polyester Film Laminates: For decorative and functional / ovenable barriers.

We can also undercoat at both the edges for better gluing. Being converter’s converter, we are flexible enough to convert customer’s own material on 100% or part jobwork basis.

  • FBB / PE
  • Duplex Board / PE
  • CNK / PE
  • SBS/ PE

All the above structures are also available with double side PE coating.

  • Lightweight without compromising on strength make it popular choice over other packaging materials.
  • Laminate does not losses its stiffness and strength in high relative humidity environment.
  • Designed to prevent loss of volatile essences and aroma. Simultaneously, the absorption of foreign odors & flavors from the environment is deterred.
  • Excellent scoring, bending and creasing without splitting make’s it better performer when we consider convertibility & runnability.
  • Offers excellent surface for printing applications.
  • Cost effective packaging material without compromising on quality.
  • Packaging of Ice cream, pizza, cakes, etc.
  • Grammage – 225/ 245/ 265 gsm / up to 500gsm
  • Width –
    • Jumbo reel form 900 mm – 1850 mm
    • Slitted coils – As per the requirement
    • Sheet form – As per the requirement
      Max Cutting Width 1400mm
      Max Cutting Length 1200mm