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The extensive range of release liners has been developed to meet the versatile needs of various release liner applications. Safepack offers release liner solutions based on a wide variety of paper and film substrates. We offer 1850 mm width seamless release liners which is first time in India.

Solvent base/Solvent less silicone compound coating and thermo heater curing method are used to optimize the release properties of the final product. The Base paper and silicone formulation are selected to give the required specific properties suitable to each intended individual applications. Our technical experts are at your door to select and develop the right solution to match your production processes and end-use requirements.

  • Safepack offers polycoated release liners White/brown paper/PE/Silicone
  • Consistent release value
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Lay flat
  • Surface smoothness
  • Strength properties.
  • Printing up to 2 colour
  • Graphic Art / Tapes & label Industries / Envelop Industry
  • Basis Weight : 40Gsm – 150Gsm / Custom
  • Width : 1850mm max / slitted coils
  • Colour : White, brown/custom
  • Surface finish of Polymer: Mirror & Matte.
  • Polymer used : Lower density Polyethylene.

Safepack offer high quality release liners come up with silicon release coating either one side or both side as per requirements.