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Water activated/ Remoistunable Adhesive Coated Paper has high tack, water-activated, modified adhesive system on a paper backing.

Remoistunable adhesive coated papers are commonly utilized where it is desired to provide a dry adhesive film which on moistened with water will become tacky and thereby allow for the ready adhesions of the coated product to variety of substrates.

The beauty of this product is, on remoistening the special adhesive penetrate right into the surface of substrate & create total bond. It becomes an integral part of the system & adds strength to it. Very useful for dusty environments where the adhesive on activation bond securely on the surface, keeping your packed products clean from dirt and dust.

This remoistenability characteristic is also desired in the areas where there is need to clean the surface after use without damaging it. Other adhesive-paper system form a layer on surface that could not be easily washed away thereby damages the surface.


High strength, superior quality paper is being used as a backing. Additional strength can be imparted by using scrim reinforced laminated backings. Coating can be done on wide varieties of papers.

High tack, water-activated, modified adhesives are being used for manufacturing that gives readily reversible systems.

Gives good bond to a wide range of products, including soiled and dusty cartons, gypsum boards & many other alikes. Great in dusty environment.

Adhesive & paper used are made from natural renewable resources thus makes the product eco-friendly.


It provides a strong bond to a wide variety of surfaces in industries like,

  • General industrial
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Medical pharmaceutical
  • Paper
  • Printing
  • Electronics
  • Other distribution centers
  • Width : Upto 2000mm
  • Form Available : Jumbo reels/ Slitted Coils / Sheets

Manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2008 norms, It does not contain substances which are considered as dangerous to the health, neither in the production phase, nor in the use of the end product. It can be recycled both as material and as energy.