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Any unwanted movement of stored goods during transportation & transit can compromise not only safety but can incurre heavy losses.

Antiskid paper is a stabilization solution that prevents this unwanted movement by unitizing loads. Its special cohesiveness prevents slippage of palletized loads upto 30° slide angle.

  • Its higher coefficient of friction offers 30° slide angle. This helps to speed up transportation & transit of goods
  • Can be used on automatic dispensers due to its non-adhesive & non-porous nature.
  • Reduction of damage during handling of goods (internal and external transportation, handling and storage), Reduction of logistics costs & Reduction of work place accidents.
  • It reduces damaged goods and complaints.
  • Economical due to high durability & reusability.
  • Recyclable.
  • Typical application includes shipping of cases, cartons, pallets and bags with a slick finish such as a varnish or gloss coating..
  • Basis Weight – 90 Gsm / Custom
  • Form Available – Jumbo reel/ Slitted coils/ Sheet form.
  • Coating side – Single/ Bothside.