Aluminium Foil Scrim Kraft Laminate | FSK Facing | High Vapor Barrier


HVAC & Ducting Insulation facing laminates:

  • PET- Alu foil – Polyethylene
  • PET- Alu foil – CPP
  • Alu foil- Fiberglass scrim-CPP

Major Applications– XLC Foam Facing, NBR,PUR etc

Online laminations of Glasswool & Rockwool

Roofing/Building Insulation facing laminate:

  • F-PE (Alu Foil – Polyethylene)​
  • MET-PET- PE (Metalized-Polyester- Polyethylene) ​
  • METBOPP –PE ( Metllized- Biaxially oriented polypropylene)​

Major applications – Foam facing laminate – LDPE/EPE/PU

Industrial facing & Pipe facing insulation:

Industry served


  • Facing Laminate can be used on XLPE, XPS, NBR PIR, Air Bubble film, Phenolic Foam, Etc.
  • For roofing applications like Flashing, Joints & Insulations.
  • Heat Insulation/Thermal Insulation that is made from Aluminum foil and Metalized Film/BOPP Film for under deck or roof insulation.
  • With any Thermal Reflective Insulation materials for insulation industry.
  • To block radiant heat coming into house through the roof during the summer and retain indoor heat generated during the winter.
  • Ideal for Duct sealing both indoor & outdoor.
  • For Vapor Barrier and Radiation Barrier application.
  • For Online Lamination of Glass wool and Rockwool.
  • For Cold chain thermal insulation.


Thermal Barrier


Vapour Barrier


Radiation Barrier


Flame Retardant


  • Superior mechanical properties like Tensile & Tear resistance.
  • Scrim reinforced for extra Strength & Puncture resistance.
  • Versatile and lightweight facers.
  • Good Longevity.
  • Extrusion lamination Line with online Scrim Reinforcement – upto 1500mm width.
  • Custom logo/brand printing feasible.
  • Customization and product development possible.

Success Stories

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Sulzer Limited

“We have successfully tried Safepack VCI Anticorrosion products for transit corrosion protection of Metal Parts and found them to be performing excellent during sea worthy export consignments.”

Cummins Sales and Service

“We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully and exhaustively tried Safepack VCI Anticorrosion products for our transit corrosion protection of Crankshaft and found them to be performing excellent during extreme monsoon conditions.”

Joseph Foley, Saint Paul – Minnesota

“Safepack Products are accepted worldwide and have passed all corrosion tests in the world. I have also tested these products and find them to be of both high quality and many times to be unique to the US Market. They solve problems. You and your customer benefit from the high quality.”

CG ELIN Power Systems Ltd.

“We have used Safepack VCI Paper & Triple laminate barrier film for our export packaging which is required to be sea worthy and, are happy to report that we are very satisfied with the products.”

Ahmednagar Forgings Limited

“By using Safepack VCI we are glad that our corrosion problems are resolved. Though we thought that initially cost was increasing but over a period, we concluded that it works out to be economical.”

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