Metal Corrosion is a nightmare for every industrial manufacturer. It not just destroys the quality features of that particular metal device but also comes as an abomination to the company’s growing product revenue. If you are one of those manufacturers looking out for safe-handling of your metal products in bulk then VCI emitters are your ultimate solution.

 VCI emitters are portable and self-contained pods emitting volatile corrosion inhibitors to protect metal products against corrosion. Typically, a  corrosion inhibitor VCI emitter is manufacture with a strong mixture of active VCI chemicals bundled in a compact enclosure, which keep emitting the VCI over a period of time.

At SafePack, our VCI products range from VCI Desiccants / Powders, VCI Crepe / Kraft papers, VCI bags to VCI liquids, VCI plastics, and aluminium barrier laminates.  They offer protection to Ferrous as well as Non-Ferrous metals like iron, steel, Aluminium, Copper, zinc, cobalt, and so on. On top of that, the VCI emitters also protect the metals against galvanic corrosion, which occurs inside electrical and mechanical hardware products.

Features of VCI Emitters

  • High load of high-performing Volatile corrosion inhibitors with multi-metal protection for a longer period (for up to 5 years)
  • Easy on installation
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Provide corrosion protection when equipment is in storage, transit, or in operation; especially in case of Electrical Control Panels & electronic equipment’s.
  • Environment-friendly and safe at the workplace
  • Provide effective corrosion protection for a period of 5 years and above using ‘Moth Balling’ concept for Long Term Preservation under sheltered condition.
  • Eliminates conventional methods of corrosion protection, such as greasing/oiling/wiping/spraying/dipping etc., which is often ineffective and messy.

Application of VCI Emitters

Corrosion and oxidation is a natural process, which occurs when oxygen and metals come in contact with each other in the presence of air/moisture. Stocking electronic and mechanical parts in a storage facility demands a favorable atmosphere to prevent corrosion. This might turn out to be expensive and complicated on handling. The VCI emitters along with comprehensive anti-corrosive solutions offer double protection layers against corrosive substance inside a closed compartment or a circuit box.

Following are the applications, where VCI Emitters are ideal for preventing corrosion:

  • Telecommunication and PC equipment
  • Electrical light fixtures and PA systems
  • Electric, electronic, and electromechanical control panels
  • Container shipments which are transiting metal goods
  • Medical devices and equipment which require Long life
  • Aerospace, military, and marine equipment
  • Scientific instruments and devices
  • Switchgear and relay cabinets
  • Tools and spare part boxes
  • Power generation units

The Future of VCI Emitters

With industries hunting ways to preserve their manufactured products and increase its shelf-life, we must say VCI Emitters are here to stay for a very long period of time. The electrical and mechanical engineering industries are looking forward to implementing ‘VCI emitter technology’ to offer better customer services and eliminate the fear of product damage due to Corrosion during storage, in transit or when in operation.

Connect with our team for more information on risk management products in order to achieve ‘Long Term Preservation’ and we shall deliver you exceptional solutions / add value to your desired safe-packing solutions.

Why SafePack?

Our anti-corrosion VCI Emitters are designed for multi-metal protection with an adhesive backed porous plastic dome, which contains hi-performing volatile corrosive inhibiting chemicals. These chemicals evaporate inside the enclosures and release vapors that settle down on the metal surfaces to create a protective barrier layer against the corrosive particles/elements. This barrier layer protects equipment and metal devices from oxidation and keeps away the metal from all types of corrosives, such as humidity, moisture, salt, and so on.