Corrosion is something every manufacturer producing, shipping, or packaging metal products fear of. The challenge of the costly consequences of product damage due to rust or corrosion is always out there. Under such circumstance, VCI paper (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors)  offer many benefits to prevent corrosion and sustain quality life of metal products.

What is Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)?
It is a type of corrosion inhibitor very often used to shield the ferrous materials against corrosion. Typically, ferrous materials refer to those products build up of iron such as stainless steel, cast iron, galvanized iron, carbon steel, brass, aluminum, and so on. They create a neutral environment inside the packaging box to help prevent corrosion and rust penetrates inside the iron surface.
The working principle for rust prevention paper is that of a difference in vapor pressure. It slowly releases
its compounds within the packaged area to prevent corrosion on a variety of surfaces. The corrosive elements our VCI paper packaging fight against is acid, humidity, water, oxygen, salt, chemicals, and other such materials. By adding VCI paper while packaging products, the end-user doesn’t have to contend with rust removal, cleaning, repairing, and so on.
Advantages of VCI
VCI does not affect the physical properties of any electrical components such as resistance, conductance, and so on.

  • They are environment-friendly and recyclable.
  • The VCI Paper keeps on emitting its molecules for the transit period & protects any moisture attack in the atmosphere.
  • They are available in a wide range of variables such as plain papers, woven fabric, plastic, powders, emitters, crepe paper, PE paper & many more…
  • They act as a potential barrier against moisture and offer protection to the metals from rust over a period of time.

Why choose VCI Packaging?
SafePack – one of the top manufacturers of corrosion packaging products often receive queries and concerns from our clients regarding their choices of selecting VCI paper packaging for metal products. Therefore, we thought of collaborating 5 of the major features of VCI packaging and why is it crucial for any manufacturer:

  • With VCI, your corrosion and packaging costs can be reduced to a minimum while increasing the packaging performance.
  • Easy to application – Simply place the product into VCI packaging and wrap it. The product will be protected. There is no need for application of grease, oils or any other liquid.
  • Rust prevention paper is safe for people to use, it is recyclable and reusable.
  • Every metal has its own unique characteristics such as different size, shapes, and weights. Therefore, choose the best-fitted VCI packaging that goes with every metal and alloy.
  • VCI has unto 2-years of shelf life. The components stored inside it will remain corrosion free for up to 2 years and in some cases unto 5 years depending on the dosage of the VCI.
    We understand how daunting it is for manufacturers if rust and corrosion are creating problems for their customers. Contact SafePack today and get your concerns resolved with an expert team and we shall guide you for safe and secure package handling and storing solutions.