Safepack Packaging Solutions

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Research Inspired Products & Solutions

Constant lateral thinking for innovative products
and practices, keeping ‘environment safety’ at core

Environment FirstGreen VCI ChemistryOptimized ProtectionCustomized Research

Anti-Corrosive VCI Packaging Solutions

Ultramodern manufacturing plant, from molecule synthesis to end products – ALL UNDER ONE ROOF!

Complete VCI RangeMulti-metal Protection3mtr Logo Printed WrapsLong Term Protection

Multilayer Flexible Packaging Solutions

Wide range of innovative and quality packaging solutions to protect and preserve what matters to you the most.

Technical LaminatesGreen VCI ChemistryCustomer CentricSustainable Solutions

Leading World Class Packaging Solutions

We commit to prevent rust and provide quality packaging solutions, globally.

Exporting to 40+ CountriesCustomized ProductsCustomer ServiceInternational Accreditations

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VCI Packaging Solutions


Multilayer Packaging Solutions

compostable packaging solution | safepack

Compostable Packaging Solutions


Aluminium Barrier Packaging

Oil and Gas Application

VCI Solutions for Oil & Gas


Insulation Facing Laminates

Discover Safepack

Safepack is a global market leader in corrosion prevention solutions, manufacturing over 500 products. The company serves over 10,000 customer worldwide and exports its products to 45+ countries.

100+ Years

Custom Solutions

Upto 4000mm

Research Oriented

Exporting to 40+ countries

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